Film and Animation - Billy Hamilton

Elkwhiskers: The Sleeping Dragon

Frame from Elkwhiskers: two Vikings explore a cave by torchlight

The story of two Vikings, one of whom is a mouse.

I made this five-minute animated film as a capstone project for my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Production. I wrote the script, drew the characters, and did all the animation. The animation was done in Adobe After Effects CS6.

You can watch the video on YouTube. It looks best on HD resolution.

Welcome to the Sullivans’

Frame from Welcome to the Sullivans: the Sullivan family sings a goofy song at dinner

A burglar sneaks into a dark house, only to stumble into a surprise birthday party. He is soon caught in the middle of a zany family conflict.

A ten-minute comedy, produced as a group project for Film 400. I was responsible for editing and colour correcting the film. I also served as the 2nd camera assistant. With sixteen people on set and a budget of several thousand dollars, “Welcome to the Sullivans’” is the largest film project I have worked on. Directed by Élise Beaudry-Ferland.

“Welcome to the Sullivans’” was screened at the University of Winnipeg Film Festival (April, 2015), and at the Trinity Film Festival in Hartford, Conneticut (May, 2015). Not currently available for online viewing.

Moonbase Liechtenstein

Frame from Moonbase Liechtenstein: a clay astronaut plants a flag on the moon

A two-minute claymation film on a historical theme. Made as a final project for a class in traditional animation.

With apologies to the people of Liechtenstein.

You can watch the video on YouTube.


Frame from Afterlife: two people in chairs float high in the sky

What if you could live on past your death, as a spirit in cyberspace? Would it be a dream come true... or a nightmare? Welcome to the afterlife of the future.

A ten-minute science-fiction film, made for a third-year class in narrative film. I wrote, directed, and edited this film. I also did the visual effects (with the help of some stock footage). There are a lot of technical details I would do differently if I had this to do over again, but overall I am pleased with what I was able to accomplish.

You can watch the video on YouTube.