A Bemurkled Sapphire Nuzlocke

Comic Image

Steven Stone

Yeah, I'm not going to keep doing the art like this. I'm glad to have tried out something different, but this style of drawing just doesn't feel as natural for me as the style I was doing before. It also doesn't help that this page came out far less lovely than the previous one. Some of the outlining looks strange, the colours aren't exactly how I wanted them, and Steven is really weird and gangely.

But I do have a new idea that I'm going to try for the next page. Between working on this, I happened to be reading a wonderful Calvin & Hobbes book called Homicidal Psycho Jungle Cat. I noticed that on the colour pages, Watterson basically draws the same as he does on the black and white pages, using the black lines to create the texture and values. Then solid blocks of colour simply go in beneath the lines to provide the hue. I think something like that may work far more naturally for me than putting the texture on the colour layers like I've been trying to do. I guess we'll see next time!

By the way, this is the longest page I've drawn so far: 3755 pixels tall, compared to the usual 2500. (And boy did it take a while!)

Leaving the art aside: Ooh, another major character! Whose side is he on? What did the letter say? Where is he going? The mystery deepens....