A Bemurkled Sapphire Nuzlocke

Comic Image


It turns out Machop and Nincada are basically unable to hurt each other. So: status moves!

You may have noticed that this is in black and white again. I do really like doing the colour pages, and I definitely mean to do more of them in the future, but lately real life has been starting to catch up with me a little, and I think I'd rather keep the story moving forward at a reasonable pace than delay it while I find time to colour.

I like how Zizzy's bandana looks in the sixth panel of this page. It's probably a little thing nobody else has been noticing, but I think that's the first time it's actually come out looking like it's cloth lying over hair. Now if only I could figure out what made it look that way.

Homework: Find Saskatchewan on a map of Canada. Estimate the distance to the nearest ocean. Now guess how much I know about anything to do with surfing.