A Bemurkled Sapphire Nuzlocke

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That Plusle was the only non-Zubat shiny Pokémon I've ever encountered in the wild. The battery was almost dead when it appeared, so I was trying to weaken it and catch it as fast as possible, and then suddenly it was fainting before I even knew what had happened. I was properly annoyed with myself.

As you've probably noticed, I used this page as a bit of a colour study. Most of the things that are normally white or yellow are shaded pinkish orange in the evening light. I also tried to make the sky look different shades in different directions based on how near it was to the sun, but I think I overdid the differences.

Did you notice what happened to the point of view in the seventh panel? Where the Plusle is suddenly on Zizzy's right instead of on her left? Never do that. I must have gone temporarily insane. After that panel I got completely confused and started drawing half the panels from one side and half from the other. It was impossible to tell what was going on. About ten panels later I realized what a terrible mess I'd made, and had to go back and flip half the pictures and redraw Zizzy from the other side to get them all working properly again. And the two where she's sending out Cloud are still wrong, since they wouldn't work the other way. Gah.

Anyway, that's part of why this page took so long. Also, just a whole lot of colouring.