A Bemurkled Sapphire Nuzlocke

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Since I'm sure you're all wondering: Yes, of course I'm carefully keeping track of the phase of the moon in this comic. What kind of cheap hack do you take me for?

I learned a bunch of interesting stuff while working on this page. I never knew before that the reason you have to go next door to collect your Game Corner prizes in Pokémon is that gambling for money is illegal in Japan and Pachinko parlours typically get around this by running technically independent stores that buy reward tokens for cash.

My game corner in this page, however, is meant to be more like a North American arcade. I put a Sawsbuck on the 25-PokéYen coins on this page in order to make them look like the Canadian quarter, since that's what I associate with arcade games, but in reflection it would probably have made more sense to use some animal from Hoenn....