A Bemurkled Sapphire Nuzlocke

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Remember the movie Interstellar? The characters visit a planet precariously close to a black hole. They only spend a few minutes on the planet, but for their crewmates in orbit, twenty years pass. Well, I think something similar must be true about Mauville. Zizzy only spent about a week there, but it took me three years to finish drawing it! I imagine the rest of the run will be done in a few weeks now that we've escaped Mauville's gravity well.

So I decided I'd do a couple colour panels to celebrate.

Looking back at the page, I think my colouring skills have surpassed my actual drawing skills. My human anatomy is all over the place. Maybe I should work on that. I gather one is supposed to draw nude models in various poses until one finally understands how things like hips and shoulders work?

I hope all the positive messages about forgiveness and honesty and the cycle of kindness aren't making everyone sick. This was supposed to be a grim comic about a cruel and lonely world where children are mistreated and lots of Pokémon die. But for some reason my natural idealism keeps winning out.

But seriously, how cool is Triki?