A Bemurkled Sapphire Nuzlocke

Comic Image

Fiery Path

Say hello to Douglas, the Naughty Numel! But don't get too attached, since we may not see him too often. A fire/ground Pokémon tends not to be what one needs in the battle against Team Aqua.

Numel's face certainly is fun to draw, though. He is so delightfully groggy. So he might make his way into the comic more often than I technically used him in the game.

These dark cave pages are one case where drawing in colour might be faster than black and white. Just do the outlines, then daub on sections of darkness with a large brush. The extreme crosshatching does give an interesting look, I suppose.

When working on this page, I tried to force myself to spend less time on sketch layers, and more time on the black ink layers. It's easy for me to fall into the habit of spending a long time on a sketch layer, getting the shapes of things half way to perfect, before redoing it all for the finished version. I might as well spend that time retouching on the final version.