A Bemurkled Sapphire Nuzlocke

Comic Image


You may have noticed this page looks a little different. Normally I draw the comic on my computer using my Wacom Bamboo tablet. But recently we got an I-Pad, so I drew this page on it using a program called ProCreate. The main advantage is that I can carry the page around and work on it at different places, rather than only when I'm at my desk.

I thought this would be a good page to experiment on since I wanted to do a different graphical style anyway for the superhero fantasy sequence. So I played around with some of the brushes on ProCreate and ended up with this blocky high-contrast look. I think it took a few panels to figure it out but by the end it was looking pretty good. (I suppose I could have gone back and re-done the first few panels, but I rarely do that kind of thing. For me, part of the point a Nuzlocke comic is that it's not too serious and you can improve as you go.)