A Bemurkled Sapphire Nuzlocke

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Poor Lanette. She works hard, but no one appreciates her.

My impression of web developers is that they have stacks of fat books with bright blue or yellow covers and titles like "Learn PHP in an Hour A Day" or "CSS Secrets: Unlocking Your Fluid Design", which they never need to open because everything is freely available online. Aside from the book Zizzy is holding, some of the tiny titles you can't read in the background include "Mastering the PokéDex API," "I Choose You with JQuery", "Sapphire on Sails," and "TM Assembly."

Speaking of web development, this comic is hosted on my personal website. I wrote the code myself. There's an SQL database which contains a list of comics with the title, image address, and annotation file for each one. The web page you actually see is generated by a PHP script. The script starts with a basic HTML template for the page, then fills in the details for the appropriate comic from the database. This all runs on the server, so if you right-click and view the source, you'll just see a static page. On my end, updating the comic is as easy as adding a new row to the database.

Of course, the real joke in today's comic is XHTML.