A Bemurkled Sapphire Nuzlocke

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Meteor Falls

Thinking over the Meteor Falls scenario as presented in the game, I was left with several questions.

  1. Given that Meteor Falls is inside a cave, how did a meteor fall there? Wouldn't it have hit the ceiling?
  2. How come no one ever dug up the meteorite before, given its been around long enough that the waterfall is named after it?
  3. Why do the villainous teams need the meteorite in the first place? What advantages does it have over any other large rock?

So, for my comic, I moved the waterfall outside the cave, and made the meteor shower a more recent event. In fact, if you were looking closely, you may have noticed the meteor falling at the end of page 34. Unfortunately, this change also raises new questions, like where the waterfall got its name.