A Bemurkled Sapphire Nuzlocke

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Mountain Bike

Zizzy knows better than to let some kid in a baseball cap drive her bike. If she did, it's very likely that he'd destroy it somehow, and then she'd have to follow him around the region for the rest of the series.

Have you ever noticed that at the start of every Pok√©mon game, the main character knows how to ride a bicycle, but doesn't actually own a bicycle? It makes sense in a video game world, where you expect to pick up and use any weapon or vehicle in your path — but it's a little funny if you stop and think about it.

At least from my searches, Google images returns surprisingly few reference images of two kids riding a bike with one on the handlebars. Mostly what you get is a parent riding with a child, a woman on her boyfriend's handlebars, or two kids sharing a bike in some safer (but less amusing) fashion. I found zero images of two kids matching the scenario here, with a boy riding and a girl pedalling.

I drew a bunch of this page on the bus while going to and from work. It worked better than I thought it might, though naturally sometimes the bus hit a bump in the middle of a line and I had to redo it. I guess the draw-undo-redraw cycle of digital art is so second-nature to me now that it doesn't throw me off my groove.