A Bemurkled Sapphire Nuzlocke

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Cable Car

Here I am trying out a new inking/colouring style again, using the same brush I made for the "Calvin and Hobbes" page. I like the results, but it leaves me feeling a bit drained since it's rather time-consuming and requires a more meticulous approach than my usual scribbles.

We heard about Nolanus' earlier run-in with a member of the Magma Society on page 45. Knowing what we know now, we may surmise that the boy he was trying to help at that time was Baldy, whose Poochyena was stolen.

The cable car in the game is like a modern ski lift, where the car is suspended from the cable. But I decided to draw it as an old-fashioned funicular railroad. It's still powered by a cable, but the car drives up inclined tracks instead of hanging in the air. What I find most charming about this arrangement is that the cars must be built with an extreme tilt so that they end up level once placed on the slope.

You might think it's a bad idea to build a cable car on an active volcano, but one of the most famous funicular railroads in history was the one on Mt. Vesuvius, which inspired the catchy Italian song Funiculi Funicula. Of course, the railway was destroyed by an eruption in 1944. Accounts make no mention of whether Team Magma was involved.