A Bemurkled Sapphire Nuzlocke

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Mt. Chimney

Well, this is a new record for my longest page, both in pixels and in panels. I probably could have split it up, but it felt better to me as a single scene. Sadly, this did break my streak of 12 consecutive weekly updates.

I originally planned to do this whole fight in colour, but instead I got interested in working with big blocks of black and white, to see how strong I could make the contrasts. Triki's electric attacks and the Mightyena's fur patterns provided lots of opportunities.

Since we've seen before that the Aqua crew are fans of Gilbert and Sullivan, I figured the Magma gang would be fans of Rodgers and Hammerstein, the other famous musical-writing duo. I thought it would fit the "sort of opposites, but sort of exactly the same" relationship that exists between the two teams.

There were lots of dogs (or hyenas) on this page. I've known some natural "dog artists", who are brilliant at drawing dogs but have to be careful not to make their people look too dog-like. I tend to have the opposite problem, where unless I'm careful my dogs come out with human arms and legs. Thanks to my wonderful and talented wife Kate, who helped me fix some of my worst blunders in the canine limb department.

Not that my sense of human anatomy is perfect, for that matter. I tend to make the arms and fingers too long. Maybe I'm more of a "tree artist."