A Bemurkled Sapphire Nuzlocke

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My favourite panel on this page is the one with the entirety of both villainous teams crammed into the cable car. That's fourteen people in a vehicle only meant to seat eight, not to mention that each of them hates half the others. It took a few drafts to figure out how to fit them all in.

I did a colour panel so you can see how I envisioned the ambience of the Mt. Chimney scene, even though most of it is drawn in black and white.

By the way, the panel after the colour panel is supposed to show a bright light shining through the cloud of smoke that covers the top of the mountain. I'm afraid it kind of looks like the entire mountain is exploding. That isn't what happened, though. The meteorite machines exploded, but the volcano did not, thanks to Zizzy and Nolanus re-targeting the energy rays at the last minute.

You may recall from page 85 that the first half of the meteorite went missing three days before the second half. This would have been the day before Zizzy first saw smoke rising from the mountain. The idea is that the Magma Society was testing their machine on the volcano for several days. They brought it to the brink of erupting before the Alpha Foundation showed up with the other half of the meteorite and their own equally dangerous plans.