A Bemurkled Sapphire Nuzlocke

Comic Image


Some critics consider this the start of the artist's "blue period"...

This page was an experiment with colour. Almost everything in the dark scenes is the same hue of blue (with some obvious exceptions like the red glow in panel 4, or the red light inside Numel's hump). The impression of different colours is created by varying the lightness and saturation. You can "eyedropper" the picture and check the colours if you want to see what I mean.

I was a little concerned to discover that the colours that looked deep and rich on the I-pad look dull and grey on my computer monitor. I was tempted to add a high-contrast filter, but I have to assume the I-pad is better calibrated, so I'll leave it alone. Still, if it looks really dull, you could try this version. Or maybe turn up your screen brightness.

I suppose I should explain about the gameplay here. I didn't actually trade Douglas with a link cable. However, since I caught a Numel and never really used it, and my friend (alias Nolanus) started using a Numel after losing his starter to Flannery, I decided to combine the two Numels into one character for the sake of the comic.