Visual Art - Billy Hamilton

Promotional Comic for Through Flood and Fire

Covered wagon scene from Through Flood and Fire

(Click on the the image to see the full comic.)

This is a panel from a poster-sized comic that I drew as a commission for children's author Anne Patton, to help promote her historical novel Through Flood and Fire.

Drawings of Monsters from Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup

Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup is an open-source roguelike computer game. The monsters in the game are represented by small (32x32) graphical tiles. I drew the following larger pictures based on the game tiles and the descriptive text for the monsters in the game.

Cover Illustration for The Great Garbage Creature Caper

The Great Garbage Creature Caper book cover

Commission for a family member. Illustration based on a scene from the book.