Writing - Billy Hamilton


Boting Yang and William Hamilton. “The optimal capture time of the one-cop-moves game.” Theoretical Computer Science. Vol. 588, pp.96–113. 2015.

Other Academic Writing

Two of my undergraduate essays were selected for the Jean Oser Prize in film studies, the departmental essay prize for the film department at my university. I also presented one of these papers at a graduate colloquium in film studies. The full essays are provided below:

“Beloved Police State: Fantasy and Propaganda in Kolditz’ Geliebte Weiße Maus.” Presented at the Film Studies Association of Canada 17th Annual Graduate Colloquium: Propaganda, Censorship, and Digital Media. 28 Feb, 2015. University of Regina.

“Positioning the Eye and Positioning the Head: Reality and Realist Style.” Submitted for Film 348, Film Theory and Aesthetics.

Creative Writing

“Kinématographie.” A poem inspired by a course in cinematography. In case it isn't clear, terms such as “lettuce” and “polecat” refer to pieces of film equipment.